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Division City
Area 78.30 km²
Population (as of 965) 1,618,140
Population Density 20,669/km²
Council seats 32
Constituencies 8

Freeport is the smallest of the three cities of Shivrashan. It is surrounded entirely by Shivrashan Proper. Thanks to an historical quirk, the City includes the entirety of a major road, Freedom Avenue, which cuts through several other Districts.


Freeport began as the City of Slaveport. Very early in the history of the city of Shivrashan, slaves were banned from inside the city limits. As a result, a port was established outside the city limits for the slave trade. Slaves were then transported along a road that came to be known as the Slave Road. As Shivrashan grew, its borders reached Slaveport. A rivalry had already developed between the two cities, and there was a good deal of animosity between them, which only grew as they came into direct contact. Slaveport itself was left out of expansions by Shivrashan, and in order to maintain the ban on slaves within Shivrashan, an agreement was struck between Shivrashan and Slaveport that the Slave Road would be under Slaveport's jurisdiction along its entirety, even as Shivrashan expanded beyond it, thereby splitting Shivrashan into two parts.

Eventually, opposition to slavery from Shivrashan forced the end of the slave trade through Slaveport, delivering a major blow to the city's economy. Over the course of the 7th and 8th centuries, several attempts were made by Shivrashan to annex Slaveport, all of which were rejected, and the city remained proudly independent, even as other cities began to be consolidated into Shivrashan Proper.

In the year 798, Slaveport renamed itself Freeport to escape its past, and the Slave Road was renamed Freedom Avenue, remaining within Freeport jurisdiction. Freeport remained suspicious of Shivrashan Proper and maintained a staunch independence. Uniquely, the city level remained strong. Freeport did not divide itself into Districts until 807.


The City remains the main level of administration in Freeport. The Districts themselves are little more than electoral constituencies and administrative conveniences. The Mayor is popularly elected for a 6-year term and, in contrast to most District Chiefs, is a powerful figure within their City. The legislative branch consists of a City Council consisting of 32 members, elected every 3 years, using the same constituencies used to elect members to the Shivrashan Council, and is thus set by law as the same number of representatives sent to the City-State's Council.