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Galhaf is a conworld created by Christina Taylor. This website is intended to house information about this world. On some pages, "behind the scenes" information will be available on the topic, discussing it from an external perspective. For example, discussing how the idea developed. These pages will exist on a dedicated blog.

The name Galhaf is in the Ivetsian language, and refers to the planet itself, though this wiki will also have information about other planets in their star system. As on our world, there are many different languages, so not everyone on Galhaf calls it that, just as not everyone on Earth calls it "Earth". Ivetsian is a major language, with a position not dissimilar to English on our world, which is a large part of the reason why I use their name for the world. Galhaf orbits a star in an unknown area, known in the same language as Chihazh. It was originally intended to be 55 Cancri, and the planetary system owes a debt to that star system, but eventually that idea was abandoned. Its star is therefore unknown. How humans arrived on Galhaf is also unknown. It is not even known whether humans arrived of their own volition or were brought by mysterious aliens. (I myself have not decided for sure, I suspect they may have used a wormhole though, so they might not even be in our galaxy, much less around a nearby star) However they arrived, they lost their technology very early on, and regressed to a very low level of technology. This wiki is written from the perspective of a "modern" time with a level of technology roughly similar to ours. Within the Kasshi calendar, one of several dominant calendars, "today" is the year 965 OE. A year on Galhaf is about .71 Earth years, which can make periods of times, ages, etc., seem longer than they actually are if one is thinking in terms of Earth years. The practice in the modern Kasshi Empire of government officials retiring at 100 makes more sense if you keep in mind that that's equivalent to 71 in our years, for example.

Some starting points:

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